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Class: 4B
Class Teacher: Miss Bender
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sopp and Mrs Pike


Autumn 2

We are off to a busy start already! It has been great to see the different Potions projects that are being completed at home. How creative!

Our topic this half-term has been Potions which has connected well with our science topic this half-term, States of Matter. The children have been designing their own potion bottle to go along with their recipe. They've paid close attention to detail and observed different potion bottles to assist them with designing their own.

The children have been learning different greetings in French which has been nice to hear when they are using it at the beginning and end of the day and also when we do the register.

In Maths, we started the half-term by identifying and comparing types of angles and we will continue with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 6, 7 and 9.


In English, we are writing instructions (recipe for potion) and writing Potion themed poetry based on The Witches from Macbeth. We have focused on using fronted adverbials to add more information about the verb and also expanded noun phrases throughout this half-term.

We are all looking forward to a brand new, exciting year ahead.

Homework- Out on Wednesdays and back in on Mondays
Spellings 3x each, 5 sentences using some of their spellings, reading 5 times each week (at least) and Maths/English homework. Topic based projects will be started each half-term. Details to come shortly.  
PE- Mondays and Fridays

This half of the Autumn term we will be learning a variety of new information:

Work based on ‘The Time Travelling Cat’ by Julia Jarman
Focus:  Descriptive language; sentence construction; organising work into paragraphs;  expanded noun phrases; fronted adverbials using a comma; similes and other figurative language.

Non-fiction work based on our Egyptian topic.

Place Value:  Understanding the value of each digit in a number.

Addition and Subtraction

Proportionality (fractions)

Geometry (shape)

All areas will have a great emphasis on using practical equipment to help solve number problems as well as drawing.

Times Tables:  By the end of Year 4 children are expected to know all their times tables up to the 12 times tables and corresponding division facts.

Maths Meetings:  An additional 15 minute maths lesson to work on fluency in maths and problem solving.

Focus: Living Things and Their Habitats

We shall be investigating living things and their different environments.

The children will learn about classification of living things and the reasons for this.

Food chains and their complexity. They will discuss natural and human-led changes in environments, both positive and negative, eg:  litter, deforestation etc.

Focus:  Ancient Egypt.

The children will be exploring in depth the discovery of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber by Howard Carter. They will also be looking at a world map and be able to name and locate the seven continents as well as being able to show where Egypt and other major countries are. Children will also understand the importance of the River Nile and its vital role in Egyptian life.