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School Council

Year 6:

Faith Thomson, Logan Longmore, Isabel Watson and Lucas Willis


Year 5:

Rumen Bozhilov, Bethan Wills, Soraya Bird and Sidney Bailey


Year 4:

Arthur Grundy, Kirusha-anya Yokithan, Amelia Attreed and Shay Mortimer


Year 3:

Sonny Attreed, Mya Smith, Tyler Howard and Isla Hallam


Year 2:

Isabelle Stephenson, George Oldham, Adriano Robinson and Ivy Durrant


Year 1:

Eli Perring, Molly Jones, Tristan Rowe and Scarlet Humphreys


At Dell Primary School, we have a very active and enthusiastic School Council. This is an important part of school life which offers a platform for the voice of the children in our school. Hearing and learning about their opinions and views matters a great deal to us. They have a unique insight into the impact of whole-school decision making and have a keen eye for the details of the day to day running of the school. The small details which can make a big difference.


Being a school council member is a great opportunity for children to develop both their personal skills and a sense of social awareness, from experiencing how to express points of view constructively to being responsible for others’ welfare, both at school and in the wider world.


Meetings are held regularly. Each class feedbacks to their School Council Representative and then they bring their classes ideas to the meetings. Ideas are discussed and a vote is taken as to which ideas should be implemented. When something is agreed or implemented, this is then feedback to each class.