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Week beginning 1st February 2021

Monday 1st February


Scavenger Hunt (01/02/21) 

Location: a walk at the beach 

When you next go for a walk to the beach, pay close attention to what is around you. We’re sending you on a scavenger hunt! How many of these things can you see?  

Keep a tally of how many of each of these things you spot at the beach. 

Can you find… 


  • A stone with a hole in it 
  • A shell 


Let us know.. 


  • Is it high tide or low tide? 
  • Can you see a beach hut that has a name?  



Escape rooms! Can you solve the clues and escape? 


Tuesday 2nd February


Mrs Sargent has a story for you…


Mrs Barker has a story for you…







Wednesday 3rd February


Mrs Pearson and Mrs Willeard have an observational game for you to try…