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Assessment and Success

Your child's progress

We are committed to giving every child the best opportunities to succeed and recognise that the best way to do this is through partnership with parents and carers. The Early Years Profile, Year 1 Phonics Check, Year 2 SATs, Year 4 Multiplication Check and Year 6 SATs are undertaken during your child's time at the school. Parents will be given full information about these assessments through meeting, letters and parents evenings. Children are prepared for their formal assessments through our assessment schedule which is embedded into our normal school practise. Pupils are assessed regularly using Pixl materials which aid teachers in targeting planning and intervention.


We hold 2 parents evenings a year followed by a full written report in the summer term which details your child's progress over the course of the year.


Marking and Feedback

Marking and feedback at Dell relates to the aims and values of the academy as a whole, and seeks to acknowledge the children’s achievements, at the same time as helping them to understand any challenges or problems they may be having. We celebrate our achievements and recognise that mistakes are their to aid our learning.


Teachers mark children's work in blue pen and pupils respond to this marking in green pen. Outstanding work towards an objective is highlighted in yellow. Teachers assess throughout lessons using a CFU tracker to assess whether children have achieved the elements which have been taught in that lesson and whether they need 'same-day' intervention if they have not achieved the learning that was being taught.



We celebrate success through our weekly awards. One of our core values is chosen each week and a certificate is awarded to a child from each class who has shown that they are a good example of that core value. We have our weekly 'Always' award which is given to a pupil who always does their best without being asked or reminded, as well as certificates for reading, maths and science.