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SMSC in Geography at Dell 




Pupils are taught to reflect on their own beliefs and opinions and to accept and embrace those of others. They are encouraged to be empathetic to the cultures, beliefs and traditions of others and stereotypes are challenged where necessary. Pupils develop wonder about the wider world and the people in it. This is achieved through learning about people, where they live and the wider world. 


Pupils are encouraged to show empathy and understanding towards others. Stereotypes and intolerance are challenged through discussion and learning about places and people around the world. They understand that actions have consequences and identify how these may impact people/a place positively and negatively. Pupils recognise right and wrong and debate the impact of current issues around the world. 


We promote collaborative work in both the classroom and through fieldwork. Geography also promotes an understanding of citizenship for example through debate/discussion around topics such as import/export and planning decisions in a town. Pupils understand that different countries are led in different ways and that his has an impact on the people/ processes there. 


Through developing place knowledge of their own locality children can then make comparisons with other places around the world. They are taught to respect all cultures through identifying similarities and differences and this is shown by their behaviour, acceptance and tolerance towards others.