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Current Affairs

Current Affairs 2021/2022

Every week our pupils have a slot timetabled for current affairs.


w/b 20th September 

Volcano eruption La Palma Canary Islands  


w/b 27th September 

Tornado hits Lincolnshire 

6.0 Magnitude earthquake in Crete 

w/b 4th October 

Update on the La Palma volcano that is still erupting and the impact it is having/may have 

w/b 11th October 

Lebanon 24 hour power cut – imagine what that would be like for us? Read article (link sent ) and discuss the situation in Lebanon described in the article. Share location of Lebanon on a map. 

w/b 18th October 

Earthshot prize – explain what its purpose is, and some of the projects it will support  


w/b 1st November 

La Palma volcano update and discussion about impact e.g. homes, schools, air quality. 

w/b 8th November 

COP26 conference flipchart sent and link to discuss climate change on National Geographic kids website. 

w/b 15th November 

Discuss Delhi smog and human impact. Air quality so poor that it may cause a ‘pollution lockdown’. 

w/b 22nd November 

Volcano update to discuss impact of volcanic ash and that the land mass has grown. Flipchart sent. 

w/b 29th November 

Share and discuss that Norway have developed the first ever electric self driving container ship in a bid to combat pollution – discuss potential impact if this technology is shared to other areas and the reduction on climate change/pollution  

w/b 6th December 

Volcano update` 


w/b 10th January discuss the human and physical impact of the volcanic eruption now that it has stopped after 3 months! 

w/b 18th January 

Tonga underwater volcano erupts discuss impact across the pacific and tsunami warning 

w/b 26th January 

Discuss article Greece has had snow, and this time last year. Previously no snow for 30 years. Why? Global warming? 

w/b 31st January 

Discuss local flooding as a result of storm Malik. Did the pupils know that storms have names? What is the impact and disruption caused by the flooding? 


w/b 22nd Feb 

With recent bad weather and 3 named storms in a week discuss the content of this page with your class it is all about how UK storms are named. 

w/b 7th March 


Treaty to fight plastic pollution – meeting took place with representatives from 175 countries last Wednesday. 

w/b 14th March discuss what a polar explorer is, which parts of the world are classed as ‘polar’ and the significance of this find. 

w/b 21st March  

Discuss the Saharan dust cloud which has passed over the UK this week and covered cars and gardens in Saharan sand/dust discuss benefits in this article and show on a map where it has come from. 

w/b 28th March heatwave in the polar regions – unusual for this to happen in both areas at the same time – possible climate change/global warming