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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is the subject content taught across Dell Primary School ensures learning and personal development for all pupils. Its core foundations are taken from the Early Learning Goals (EYFS) and the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2. But of equal importance, our curriculum goes well beyond the statutory requirements. We have developed a bespoke curriculum, linking some established schemes of work with those designed by the school’s leaders alongside staff, to ensure the needs of our children and their families are met. The importance of the school’s locality and community as a learning resource is embedded throughout. This learning is then enriched with a curriculum that extends their learning beyond the locality to an understanding of their place in the UK and wider, with exciting global and multicultural content.  


Beyond the knowledge that the academic curriculum provides, we are passionate about teaching our pupils to grow as individuals. We have created a programme of personal and social education to nurture pupils to become positive, confident adults. These skills, values and attitudes are taught as a PSHE programme as well as being woven into the fabric of the topics across the school’s curriculum. We place great emphasis on social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning along with promoting British values in a range of creative forms. 




  •   To create a happy school environment that is inclusive, diverse and safe and which promotes the building of positive relationships with others. 
  •   To help each child develop a lively enquiring mind, confidence and compassion, enabling them to experiment, investigate, take risks and make informed choices while at school and in later life. 
  •   To establish a welcoming atmosphere and a strong partnership between school and home with all stakeholders and with the wider community. 
  •   To set inspirational targets which motivate our children to succeed and achieve their full potential, through a creative, personalised curriculum that will excite, challenge and celebrate learning.   


In addition, the aims of our school curriculum are:  


  •   To achieve high standards and make good progress. 
  •   To enable those not achieving age-related expectations to narrow the gap and catch up.  
  •   To develop key literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.  
  •   To develop a lifelong love of learning.  
  •   Our commitment to the promotion of British values:  
  •   Throughout our curriculum, we have built-in opportunities to promote values of British democracy, law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those from different beliefs, faiths and non-faith backgrounds. 
  •   The school is committed to a curriculum that recognises the multicultural, multi-faith and ever-changing nature of the UK and those it serves. 
  •   The school curriculum believes in a curriculum that promotes equal opportunities, which guarantee that there will be no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of faith/non-faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status, or similar. 


For more information regarding our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, please see below.


For more information regarding the curriculum for years 1 to 6, please see below.


For more information regarding specific year group subjects and overviews, please see below.




Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

At Dell Primary School we use Knowledge Organisers to map out each subject for each year group. A knowledge organiser is a document that lists the important facts and skills that pupils should know by the end of a unit of work. They clearly outline the core knowledge that should be taught during each unit of work.  If you would like to view these then please feel free to contact us:


For more information about the curriculum subjects, please see our Intent, Implementation and Impact statements for each subject:




At Dell Primary School we believe that a quality English curriculum should develop children’s love of reading, writing and discussion. We aim to inspire an appreciation of our rich and varied literary heritage and a habit of reading widely and often. We recognise the importance of cultivating a culture where children take pride in their writing, can write clearly and accurately and adapt their language and style for a range of contexts. We want to inspire children to be confident in the arts of speaking and listening and use discussion to develop their learning.


We believe that a thorough grasp of literacy skills is crucial to a high-quality education and are committed to giving our children the tools they need to participate fully as a member of society.


At Dell Primary School, we strive to teach children to read effectively and quickly using the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme (RWI) which includes teaching synthetic phonics, sight vocabulary, decoding and encoding words as well as spelling and accurate letter formation.


We passionately believe that teaching children to read and write independently, as quickly as possible, is one of the core purposes of a primary school. These fundamental skills not only hold the keys to the rest of the curriculum but also have a huge impact on children’s self-esteem and future life chances. 


For more information, please see our English Overview:




Dell Primary School is committed to a ‘true’ philosophy of mastery in Maths. Mastery in Maths at Dell is achieved through fluency and efficiency. A consistent approach is key, for children to become ‘Masters of Efficiency’.  


  •   We prioritise fluency of times tables and division facts
  •   Homework is centred around retrieval
  •   Individual support is given in the progression of maths for all year groups
  •   A Calculation Policy has been implemented that focuses on addressing gaps/misconceptions in knowledge and skills. It ensures fluency and effectiveness in the consistent use of methods that leads to children becoming ‘Masters of Efficiency’


For more information, please see our Maths Overview:









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SEND Learning


Please feel free to contact us if you require any additional information or for any support or assistance with the information enclosed above. You can contact us via: