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Respect, Passion, Collaboration, Integrity, Ambition

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Junior Leaders



At Dell, we believe in a pupil led culture where children take on key leadership roles and get their voice heard. We whole-heartedly value the work of our pupil leaders, moulding leaders of the future, ready for work, ready for the world. We strive to craft confident and articulate leaders who can share their views to any audience and apply their leadership skills to real life situations. From this, we have embedded Junior Leadership Teams of children that act as a link between their peers, staff, SLT and our Governors. The intent is to offer children the opportunities to develop our school and local community, so that it continues to grow, thrive and succeed. 


Life at Dell revolves around: 

Respect - mutual and absolute for all 

Passion - we are energetically committed   

Collaboration – better together 

Integrity - do the right thing, even when no one is watching 

Ambition - driven and determined to achieve 






Pupil Leadership Role 

Pupil Leaders 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Staff member link 

Governor Link 


Junior Leadership Team 






Year 6










  • Working with SLT on the School improvement Plan  

  •  Monitoring progress on the school improvement plan  

  •  Feeding back to Governors – ideas / findings / opinions  

  • Core Value Ambassadors, each representing a Core Value; Respect, Passion, Collaboration, Integrity and Respect.  

  • House Team Leaders 

Mrs Hurren 


Mrs Sinclair 


Mr Coote

Newspaper Editors 




Year 5 


  • Publish Dell News, our half termly newspaper, where pupils at Dell can find out everything that’s happening and future opportunities 


Mrs Peyry 


Mrs Hallam

Maths Learning Lead 


Year 1-6




  • Working with staff on the Maths Action Plan  

  • Monitoring progress on the school improvement plan  

  • Feeding back to Governors – ideas / findings / opinions etc.  

  • Lead assemblies 

Mr Cunningham 

Mrs Hallam

Science Learning Lead/ECO Warriors 


Year 1-6



  • Working with staff on the Science Action Plan  

  • Monitoring progress on the school improvement plan  

  • Feeding back to Governors – ideas / findings / opinions etc.  

  • Lead assemblies 

Miss Bender 

Mrs Hallam







Lunchtime Leaders 









Year 3-5



  • Support midday meal supervisors in the lunch hall and playground.  

  • Facilitate playground games, teaching children how to play games fairly.  

  • Create a safe place where children can discuss any playground issues.  

  • Encourage children to play appropriate games.  

  • Support with friendship issues.  

Mrs Sinclair 


Mrs Harvey 

Mrs Lack


Digital Leaders 







Year 5

  • Vital role in school ensuring the safety of peers when using technologies  

  • Role models of excellent for internet safety – both in and out of school  

  •  Share how to use equipment safely  

  • Help prioritise ICT spending  

  • Check equipment stored correctly  

  • Lead assemblies on – keeping safe online 

  •  Lead Parent workshops – about online safety and particularly social media 

  • Lead workshops for other children on online safety – research outside agencies that could help 

  • Plan the internet safety day with staff  

  •  Feed back to the Governance committee 

Mrs Crawford (Digital Leader) 


Mr Joyce (Dell Radio) 





Mrs Hallam

Radio Presenters 



  • Work in collaboration with Internet Safety Leaders in creating podcasts in which the children will be able to use the equipment to record their discussions and debates on various school issues. 

  • Dell Radio Presenters 



Sport Ambassadors 



Year 1-6


  • Lead houses on sports day 

  •  Organise extra-curricular sporting activities with Mr Young 

  • Help decide which competitions to enter each year  

  • Help decide what the Sports Grant money should be spent on 

  • Feedback on Sporting events during assembly 

  • Organise and tidy sports equipment 

Mr Young 


Mr Hunton 


Mrs Minns 

Mr Williams


Health and  

Safety Leaders 

Year 1-6 

  • Monthly H&S checks / monitoring around school  

  • Monitor the visitors in school – are they identifiable? Do all children know what to do if they don’t know who someone is?  

  • Development of the school premises – help prioritise spending 

  •  Feedback to Governors 

  • Is the playground secure and safe? 

  • Is the school secure and safe? 

  •  Do children know what to do if they are worried or concerned  

  • Are children taught about Safeguarding issues effectively – do they know how to keep themselves safe?  

  • Are there adequate posters around school to support children? 

Mr Doyle 


Mr Cunningham  








Mrs Lack









Road Safety Leaders 



Year 4-5 


Mrs Sargent 


Applying for a leadership role

The specific Leadership Roles will be advertised to the appropriate year group/s.  Leadership Role expectations will be shared so that all children fully understand what is on offer to them and what they would be expected to commit too if they applied and were chosen to take on the Leadership Role.

Children who are interested in making an application are encouraged to read and digest the information relating to the positions before deciding which to apply for, and, in light of this all children applying for one of the advertised positions should complete a Pupil Leadership Application Form and hand it in to the appropriate adult leading the chosen Pupil Leadership Team.  
The appointment process will vary dependant on the Leadership Role and number of pupil applications received.  The Adult Team Leaders will usually manage the selection process and fill all the vacant Pupil Leadership positions, in consultation with all pupils. This may be via a voting system.   Pupil selection could be done directly from using the information within the application forms or through an additional interview process, if deemed necessary.  All children are then informed about the outcome of their application.

All children who apply for a post should be prepared to:

  • Complete an application form
  • Be interviewed by the adult/s leading the appropriate Pupil Leadership Team
  • Speak in front of adults/peers to e.g. share views and experience


Please note, not all positions will require the children to do all of the above, but you must be prepared to be involved in one or more of the selection processes outlined if necessary.