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SMSC in English at Dell



Pupils are encouraged to explore a range of feelings and values and have respect for these different perspectives through a range of different texts including: traditional tales, myths and legends, modern and traditional fiction, biographies, newspaper reports, non– fiction, poetry and plays. Through exploring a range of texts children also discuss different cultures and develop skills of empathy and sympathy through studying the actions and consequences of characters in text.



The pedagogical approaches of role play, drama, discussion and debate in English lessons provide pupils with opportunities to show empathy and understanding towards others. This is used to get children thinking about all the different aspects of an argument/decision. This helps them understand how decisions were made, whether they believe them to be right or wrong. This is encouraged through using both fiction non– fiction texts as well as real-life situations.



Pupils develop empathy through reading about characters’ dilemmas or those of real people both in the past and present. Children work in a range of different groupings appropriate to the task, this may be in class or year groups. Children are encouraged to work together explore, reason and problem solve in a range of different activities. Children are all encouraged to perform in a range of different activities which includes: performance poetry, drama and we have wider opportunities to perform through extra-curricular activities.



Children develop their cultural understanding through English by reading a range of texts both fiction and non-fiction and discussing the main themes and messages within the texts. This can take the form of both modern and historical texts through cross-curricular links.