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SMSC in Music at Dell



Pupils are encouraged to share the experience and emotion of responding to recorded music and creative processes. Through a sensual approach to feeling, seeing and hearing pupils respond creatively themselves. We aim to nurture feelings, enhance moods and enable pupils to reflect on the beauty and wonder of artistic expression in music and drama. 


Pupils are given opportunities to emotionally respond to everyday affairs in a musical medium. Pupil’s exposure to musical pieces and their own creations prompt discussions that link to the choices made during the composition of a piece.  


Pupils are taught to play as part of a larger ensemble and appreciate their place in the whole piece. Equally, there is a huge emphasis in musicianship and performance. Pupils are taught how to be effective audiences and opportunities for groups of pupils to perform in front of their peers are present on a weekly basis.  

Cultural education in Music involves pupils developing an aesthetic appreciation of the arts drawn from a wide variety of traditions with a diversity of genres, forms and purposes. Pupils have an opportunity to explore aspects of their own culture and begin to recognise, and appreciate, differences in music from different times and places. They can also begin to make connections between different cultures.