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SMSC in Maths at Dell Primary School



Mathematics enables pupils to make sense of the world around them and we strive to enable each of our pupils to explore the connections between their maths knowledge and every-day life. Developing deep thinking and an ability to question the way in which the world works promotes the spiritual growth of our pupils. Questions are often given real-world contexts in both lessons and assessments. Pupils are constantly encouraged to reflect upon their learning.



Pupils are provided with opportunities to use their maths skills in real life contexts, applying and exploring the skills required in solving various problems. All lessons have an element of reasoning and problem solving embedded in them which develops their ability to explain and reason about their thinking.



Reasoning and problem solving skills are fundamental to mathematics through creative thinking, discussion, explaining and the presenting of ideas. Pupils are encouraged to explain concepts to each other and support each other in their learning. This supports pupils to realise their own strengths and feel a sense of achievement which boosts their confidence. This creates independent and resilient learners.



Mathematics is a universal language with a myriad of cultural inputs throughout the ages. Various approaches to mathematics from around the world are used and this provides an opportunity to discuss their origins. We try to develop an awareness of both the history of maths alongside the realisation that many topics we still learn today have travelled across the world and are used internationally. We take part in  national events such as: NSPCC’s Number Day and International Pi Day.



- Self-reflection and assessment

- Effective participation in whole class and small group activities

- Debating the best method in reasoning and problem solving

- Taking part in national events

- Real-world contexts

- Working in groups to peer assess