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SMSC in Modern Foreign Languages at Dell



A major aspect of being taught another language is learning to think ‘outside’ yourself and to think about others.  At Dell, learning a new language is exciting.  The children love learning new words and are fascinated by linking their own language to another. 


Pupils learn to have respect for other languages and the people who speak them.  It helps to break down barriers and creates links between children of all nations.  Children also learn the importance of taking risks when pronouncing new words and take delight in knowing they have been understood.  In addition they learn that many words and phrases are universal.


Through learning a MFL children learn the power of language.  They begin to be more careful about how they use it.  Pupils enter a whole new world and become better communicators.  They can successfully interact with children from different backgrounds and the children in their own class.


By learning a new MFL children are made more aware of cultural similarities and differences.  They also come to understand why these differences exist and the importance of respecting cultures different from their own.