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Pupil Voice

Pupil Perceptions in Geography at Dell – Autumn 2021



Areas for Development



7/10 know what Geography is

“It’s fun! With occasional note taking and writing”

“I like learning about other countries”

“It’s really informational and I learn facts that I never knew”

“I enjoy learning about capital cities and tourist places”

“It is a nice way to learn about the world and its problems”

“We could use globes more as we have never really used them”.

“Have more group projects”

“More informal lessons”

“Learning about more capital cities”

“We could have a Geography club”

“I find it hard to find places on a map”

“Using 3D maps”

“Sometimes I don’t find it interesting”



8/10 knew what Geography is

“It is really interesting and the polar regions has been one of my favourite things this year”

“It helps us know that we should go out and help the world”

“Bad things are happening so we need to make a change”

“It’s interesting to talk about stuff I havn’t learnt yet”

“It is good to know about places around the world”

“It makes me want to travel and spreads awareness of the world”

“Maybe learn more things in a term”

“Go outside more”

“After school club – if there isn’t already one”

“Go on a trip to see more places”

“Sometimes it is a bit boring”

“Actually go to the places”

“Not as much writing”



4/10 knew what Geography was

“I like learning about the world and different people”

“It helps us know more for when we are older”

“I like finding locations on maps”

“We need to learn about why different countries do different things”

“learning about the earth is fun!”

“Maybe learn more about what the places were like in the past”

“Get globes”

“We could act things out”

“make more posters”



8/10 knew what Geography wasf

“Its important to learn about people round the world”

“It has been interesting learning about Governments”

“its good because we need to learn about the world”

“If we didn’t learn it we might not know other countries exist!”

“I find it interesting”

“more drawing”

“we could act out what we have been learning”

“ we could go to more places to help our learning”

“we could do more searched to find out things for ourselves”



5/5 knew what Geography was

“Geography is always fun”

“I learnt that in some countries they don’t have wifi!”

“I loved learning about volcanoes”

“I like to know what’s going on around me”

“We could make things we have learnt about”

“do more different things”



7/10 knew what Geography is


“I like learning about the world, I want to be like my Grandad”

“I love it, it is fun!”

“I liked learning about St Lucia I want to go there”

“Make more things”

“We could learn more”



1/10 knew what Geography is

“It is fun!”

“I liked learning about buses and taxis in London”

“We do it because otherwise we won’t know what the world is like until we are grown up”

“I know the words to the North America song!”

“I like the songs”

“We can try to work hard”

“More gluing and sticking”

“There is too much to remember”



  • Summer 1 – next round of pupil perceptions
  • Spring 1 – globe and inflatable globe ordered for every class
  • Consider a Geography related club – Eco warriers (Wed) linked to Geog/Science
  • Strapline – Geography is learning about the world and its people
  • Development of fieldwork/trips